Design of electronic systems for data & image processing, software, consulting

We bring to you the experience that we acquired in electronic design, testing and production management

In our designs we focus on software while we use
  • ..x..duino / esp32 / raspbery ... boards,
  • commercial sensors and interfaces.
This approach enables a very fast development of affordable electronic systems. Reliability is obtained by a careful selection of parts. If necessary, we can design & handle the production of multilayer PCB's to attend to your needs.


We can
  • develop image & data processing software (C++, Linux, Windows),
  • use genetic algorithms,
  • and if your application needs big data processing power, NVIDIA's GPUs can also be used.
Our designs are protected against copies or duplications.

A sample of our developments

  • Text display surface for an exposition room, RFID scanner.
  • Mobile weather station: pressure, humidity, temperature, luminosity and GPS positions recorder.
  • Fast caméras, 1000+ im/s. Click to download any video: coffe drop , milk drop , explosion.
  • ...